Panti Asuhan Dibidang Kewirausahaan

Imam Sujono, . (2016) Panti Asuhan Dibidang Kewirausahaan. EDUKA Jurnal Pendidikan, Hukum dan Bisnis, 1 (1). pp. 102-111. ISSN 2502-5406

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This Dedication to society was done in form of; 1). Classroom lecturing for the manager or advisor of the orphanage that aims at encourage the motivation and mentality, 2). Entrepreneur Practice that aims at giving direct skill and experience in producing high selling value goods, 3) the assistance of the orphanage partners in forming the pioneer program and developing the entrepreneur education, 4). In the form of field survey activities, entrepreneurship aims at giving empirical experiences to the partners in managing a business. The result of this IbM program covers; first, the advisor and assistants of the orphanage have more knowledge and competencies in producing economical value commodity, second, improving the entrepreneur mentality of the assistant and the advisor to be able to start business as a production unit of the orphanage, third, forming the agreement of the advisor and assistants of the orphanage to design appropriate entrepreneur teaching model for them. In conducting this program, there are some obstacles such as the advisors and assistants’ education background, that is pesantren, influence at the acceleration of the implementation of entrepreneur education program. Another problem is dealing with the management of the orphanage partner. Panti asuhan Kras is managed by Family management in which it makes the implementation of entrepreneur education to the students getting slower. Keywords: Panti Asuhan, Kewirausahaan

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